I am born, "bread" (always Italian, then whole grain now gluten free ~ wink wink) and raised in the Metropolitan Area. I am an urban suburbanite... which means I have urban flavor in a suburban world that I have always tried to educate and elevate. A much more difficult mission than I ever imagined.   


For me life is about the WE not ME. Not to be cliche' but it truly takes a village and it's always a we-movement to truly be successful.  So, let's all let go of the ME-Movement and join the WE-Movement. 

WORD OF 333.

Many of you who know me know that numbers speak to me. My spirit guides communicate with me through the power of numbers in doubles and triples. It actually started with 1234, then it went to 333, 222 and 444. 

So, this blog is about the power of YOU, ME & WE.


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